Green Creek Powerhouse Preserve

The 40-acre Green Creek Powerhouse Preserve maintains a vital riparian corridor and important wildlife habitat. Entirely surrounded by public lands, it is home to diverse native plants, including aspen groves, Jeffrey and pinyon pines, desert peach, and sagebrush scrub. Keep an eye out for mule deer, black bear, northern goshawk, and the Bi-State greater sage-grouse.

As the site of one of the earliest hydroelectric power plants in the United States, the Preserve also contains significant historic value. Operating from 1893 to 1941, the plant supplied electricity to the Bodie Mines and the mines in the Patterson district. A turn-of-the-century generator used at the plant is now on display at the Mono County Museum in Bridgeport, CA. You can still see the concrete foundation of the powerhouse on the Preserve.

Photo permissions for historic Green Creek Powerhouse images (such as above-right, taken C. 1930s with no known author) were generously granted by the Mono County Historical Society. For more information, visit their website.

Property Donor: The David and Elva Sinai Foundation

Please help protect the historical resources and rich diversity of plant and animal life found at the Green Creek Powerhouse Preserve by following these simple rules:

  • Enjoy your visit on foot
  • Motor vehicles and bicycles permitted on the access road and turnaround only, and no other vehicle use is permitted
  • Pets allowed only on leash or under immediate voice control
  • Horseback riding prohibited
  • Camping is permitted, but fires are prohibited
  • Pack out all trash
  • No hunting or shooting