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Master GardenersCNPS Program: Considerations When Designing a Native Plant Garden, Learning From our Mistakes

With Katie Quinlan and ESLT's Ryan Delaney

Wednesday, February 7 at 7:00pm

George Lozito Conference Room, 166 Grandview (map)

California Native Plant Society Bristlecone Chapter's plant propagator, Katie Quinlan, will be joined by ESLT's own Education Coordinator, Ryan Delaney, as she shares tips and considerations for putting in a native plant garden. When planning a native garden there are many elements to think about: how tall will the plants grow, which plants tolerate shade and which ones need full sun, which plants would be good along a path, and which ones need space where they can spread? What is the best way to water and how often? Are native plants really just a bunch of weeds? Besides saving water, what other benefits do the native plants provide? What about fire - are natives more flammable than cultivated plants? All these questions and more will be answered.

Katie Quinlan has been the director of the Native Plant Propagation center since 2009. She has been an avid gardener since childhood but didn't start gardening with natives until she was given the job at the propagation center. Over the last 8 years she has converted much of her own garden to native landscapes and has learned a lot from mistakes made along the way.

Please note: the George Lozito Conference Room is located behind the Child Care Connection/JKBS/ICSOS offices.



Check back soon for more gardening and pollinator-related events and workshops in the Eastern Sierra. Many of these events are put on by our Project advisors, local organizations that also recognize the value of encouraging pollinator habitat.

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