Cattle grazing on the Benton Hot Springs Ranch beneath the Boundary Peak. Photo by Stephen Ingram

Benton Hot Springs Ranch Conservation Easement

Special Values: This conservation easement, three miles west of Benton, preserves the wildlife habitat, water resources, grazing lands, and scenic vistas found on the property. The property includes extensive alkali meadows on the valley floor, a plant community that is uncommon and declining in other areas; wet meadows, important to many wildlife species; springs, seeps, ponds and creeks creating riparian habitat that supports migrating waterfowl and songbirds, aquatic invertebrates and many other species. The property also includes other natural resources such as upland areas with sagebrush scrub, providing habitat for deer, bobcat, mountain lion and other mammals; and scenic viewsheds from adjacent public lands and state and county roads.

The property will continue to be utilized for cattle grazing, as it has for over 100 years.  Grazing will be guided by a Conservation Plan, which is regularly updated in a collaborative process between the landowner and ESLT.