Thunderclouds gather over the juniper sagebrush country of the Cedar Hills. Photo by Stephen Ingram

Cedar Hills Conservation Project

Special Values: This area, known as Cedar Hills, due to the abundance of Utah junipers, is home to pronghorn antelope, sage grouse, mule deer, mountain lions, and many other species of wildlife. It is a vast area, adjacent to the Bodie Hills, that is mostly free of roads or other fragmentation. Native Americans used the land in centuries past and left behind many artifacts. This special project represents a partnership between the Bureau of Land Management, the Wilderness Land Trust, Resources Legacy Fund Foundation and Eastern Sierra Land Trust.

Subsurface Mineral Rights and Deed Restrictions: Although BLM now owns the property, ESLT was deeded the subsurface mineral rights to ensure that mining will never take place on the land. Also, the deed restrictions that were placed on the property will make certain that the property is managed for its natural habitats and the ESLT is charged with monitoring for the compliance of those restrictions.