Willow Flat Conservation Easement

Special Values: The Willow Flat Conservation Easement, near Sonora Junction, includes a half mile stretch of the Little Walker River. Magnificent Sierra junipers, lodgepole pine forest, sagebrush scrub, wet meadow, and montane riparian habitats make up the diverse landscape. The property and surrounding habitats may be utilized by numerous wildlife including the Northern Goshawk, California wolverine, and American badger, of which the latter two are listed as threatened by the State Endangered Species Act. Other species that may utilize the habitats on and around the property include sage grouse, mountain lion, mountain beaver, jackrabbit, American martin and fisher. Over 44 different varieties of birds have also been observed utilizing the properties varied terrains.

The conservation easement is also part of an important migration route and summer range utilized by the West Walker mule deer herd. The property provides high quality habitat for this mule deer herd, which has seen significant declines in the last 20 years. Little Walker River is one of only three drainages identified within this critical summer range and is of great importance to the West Walker deer herd.