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Eastern Sierra Land Trust - Stewardship Program

Stewardship at ESLT

The Stewardship Program at ESLT ensures that the scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historical, and watershed values preserved by our conservation agreements are maintained in perpetuity. The cornerstone of our stewardship activities is the annual monitoring program, however on select projects with interested landowners and available funding, ESLT may work with landowners to enhance those important values. On ESLT owned properties, stewardship staff and volunteers engage in careful management for both conservation values and public benefit.

Annual Monitoring

ESLT conducts thorough yearly monitoring of all easement protected and preserved lands. These monitoring visits are carefully designed to document changes to the conservation values that are protected by the easement or agreement, including changes resulting from both natural and human caused effects. ESLT collaborates with landowners on these regular visits as a means of keeping up regular communication in the easement partnership and discussing the condition of the land.  Monitoring methods utilize a standardized checklist and report, Global Positioning Device (GPS), repeat digital photography of designated photo-points, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map making technologies.


On ESLT owned preserves and selected easements where interested landowners and funding allow, we may choose to assist in projects designed to enhance the values preserved by that conservation agreement.  Enhancement projects on privately owned lands are initiated by landowner request only. Each project is customized to the management needs and conservation values of each individual site, landowner desires, and potential funding partners. 

ESLT staff are knowledgeable about potential funding programs for private land enhancement. If you are interested in preserving and enhancing your lands, please contact our office. Potential funding partners with which ESLT has experience working include the U.S. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), California Department of Fish & Game, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CALFIRE), California Deer Association, Defenders of Wildlife, and others.